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Here you get tips and tricks for Java, Advance java and MyEclipse.

Date: 23, Jan 2014

Search – Eclipse Shortcuts

CTRL SHIFT G – Search for current cursor positioned word reference in work-space

CTRL H – Java search in work-space.

Date: 23, Jan 2014

Debug, Run – Eclipse Shortcuts

CTRL . or , – Navigate to next or previous error.

F5 – Step into.

F6 – Step over.

F8 – Resume

CTRL Q – Inspect.

CTRL F11 – Run last run program.

CTRL 1 – Quick fix code.

Date: 23, Jan 2014

General Editing – Eclipse Shortcuts

F12 – Focus on current editor.

CTRL L – Go to line number.

CTRL D – Delete a line.

CTRL <- or -> – Move one element left or right.

CTRL M – Maximize editor.

CTRL SHIFT P – Go to the matching parenthesis.

Date: 23, Jan 2014

Java Editing – Eclipse Shortcuts

CTRL SPACE – Type assist.

CTRL SHIFT F – Format code.

CTRL O – List all methods of the class and again CTRL O lists including inherited methods.

CTRL SHIFT O – Organize imports.

CTRL SHIFT U – Find reference in file.

CTRL / – Comment a line.

F3 – Go to the declaration of the variable.

F4 – Show type hierarchy of on a class.

CTRL T – Show inheritance tree of current token.

SHIFT F2 – Show Javadoc for current element.

ALT SHIFT Z – Enclose block in try-catch.
Date: 23, Jan 2014

File Navigation – Eclipse Shortcuts

CTRL SHIFT R – Open a resource. You need not know the path and just part of the file name is enough.

CTRL E – Open a file (editor) from within the list of all open files.

CTRL PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN – Navigate to previous or next file from within the list of all open files.

ALT <- or ALT -> – Go to previous or next edit positions from editor history list.

Date: 22, Feb 2012

For writing System.out.println() in java code just type syso and press cltr+space. You will get whole statement like System.out.println().

Date: 22, Feb 2012

When you writing any statement, For syntax hint just press cltr+space in MyEclipseand you will get all kind of hint for complete your statement.

Date: 22, Feb 2012

For writing main method inside any class in MyEclipse just write main and than press cltr+space.