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Command Line Argument in java:

Sometimes you will want to pass information into a program when you run it. This is accomplished by passing command-line arguments to main( ). 
A command-line argument is the information that directly follows the program’s name on the command line when it is executed. 
To access the command-line arguments inside a Java program is quite easy—they are stored as strings in the String array passed to main( ).
class CommandLine
	public static void main(String args[]) 
		for(int i=0; i < args.length; i++)
			System.out.println("args[" + i + "]: " +args[i]);

Try executing this program, as shown here:
java CommandLine this is a test 100 -1
When you do, you will see the following output:
args[0]: this
args[1]: is
args[2]: a
args[3]: test
args[4]: 100
args[5]: -1
But first of all you should have the basic knowledge about command line and how any java program run through command prompt. CLICK HERE to know more.